Check Your Areas of Interest


Look after the sheep, goats, chickens during the event.


Wear a centurion costume, stroll through the site and look Roman!

Construction Inside

Gym ceiling Nov 24, Gym booth construction Dec 27 - 29.

Construction Outside

Set up and build the tent booths Dec 4-5


Sort, manage and distribute costumes for 200 volunteers.

Downtown Lightup

Photographer Dress up in costumes Watch the animals Hand out flyers Engage with people Set up tent and animal pen around 1:15pm Tear down after the event at 7pm

Fairgrounds Games

Run the carnival type games during the event. Help set them up Dec 6-7

Gym & Tent Booths

Set up a booth in the tent or gym and run it during the event. You will have one booth. Talk to Dave/Kyla to see what booth to do. Materials will be provided. You just need to set it up and man it. Please Make sure to indicate beside your name whether you are interested in the gym or tent.

Mini Dramas

Act in short (5 minute) mini-dramas.

Outside Decoration

Decorate the space between the building and the road, including around the firepit.


Park 100s of cars over three days safely In a dark unmarked parking lot. Then guide pedestrians safely through the lot and across the road. Work the pedestrian crosswalk and greeting people as they come and go.

Prayer Tent

The prayer tent is an opportunity for people to share the Gospel and pray for the needs of those passing through Bethlehem Star


Plan promotion activities, design materials, place ads, hang banners from mid September to Nov 30.


Set up the electrical for the tent and gym during construction Nov 29 - Dec 8. Be available to troubleshoot during the event. Electrical knowledge is required.